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Our approach to the health and wellness of your pet is all inclusive. We believe in providing special attention, care and comfort to every furry family member.  We do not charge additionally for many of our services as we believe all of the following treatments should be incorporated into a pets regime to keep them … Happy and Health

Dana’s Pet Spa is a full service certified pet grooming  business servicing the Aventura, Golden Beach, Hallandale Beach, N. Miami Beach, and Coconut Grove areas.

Why use Dana's Pet Spa...

Meticulously Clean Environment
Your pet will never be exposed to other animals with potential diseases All grooming tools and surface areas are clenaed and sterilized after every treatment. Dana is compulsive about cleanliness!  We use expensive disinfectancts recommended and used by veteranarians to kill bacteria and diseases.

Certifed Master Groomer
Dana is a Master certified Groomer since 1996 and a former grooming instructor. Over 22 years of grooming experience with the last 12 in mobile grooming. 

Expertise in Grooming and Safety
Dana is a Master certified Groomer  and a former grooming instructor. She has years of experience in grooming and the safe handling of your furry family memeber. She is certified in Pet First Aid and CPR.  Weather you want your pet to look like a show dog or have a creative manageable  pet style we can do it. 

Convienient at your Door service
You can have your pet groomed before you go to work or after you come home or when you are not even there! No more fighting traffic to drop off and pick up your pet.  No more rearranging your whole day to time picking up your pet. No more weekends interupted because your pet is at the groomers.  
Now you can have your pet groomed during the week at anytime and have your whole weekend to yourself!

Your Pet is never left unattended or put in a cage
As your pet is our only client, they recieve our attention 100% all the time.  When we start we work straight through never taking our hands or eyes off of your pet. We do not have any interuptions so the focus is on the care and safety of your pet at all times.

Less Stressful for your Pet
Grooming Salons groom a much larger volume of pets.  How would you like being left at a shop for hours and surrounded by barking dogs, crying cats, loud dryers and phones ringing?  How about being handled by many differerent people in an assemble line format?  With us, your pet is never alone or left sitting wet in a cage waiting to be dryed. 

Cats really love it! 

No more Dirty dogs in your car
No stress on your pet or you trying to get them in and out of the car. No more mess and No more car sickness.

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